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Set in 79 A.D, Pompeii tells the epic story of Milo, a slave-turned-gladiator who finds himself in a race against time to save his true love, who has been betrothed to a corrupt Roman Senator.

Primary Title
  • Pompeii
Date Broadcast
  • Thursday 26 January 2017
Release Year
  • 2014
Start Time
  • 20 : 30
Finish Time
  • 22 : 35
  • 125:00
  • TVNZ 2
  • Television New Zealand
Programme Description
  • Set in 79 A.D, Pompeii tells the epic story of Milo, a slave-turned-gladiator who finds himself in a race against time to save his true love, who has been betrothed to a corrupt Roman Senator.
  • M
Owning Collection
  • Chapman Archive
Broadcast Platform
  • Television
  • English
Captioning Languages
  • English
Live Broadcast
  • No
Rights Statement
  • Made for the University of Auckland's educational use as permitted by the Screenrights Licensing Agreement.
  • Feature films--Canada
  • Pompeii (Extinct city)--Drama
  • Vesuvius (Italy)--Eruption, 79--Drama
  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Drama
  • Paul W.S. Anderson (Director)
  • Janet Scott Batchler (Writer)
  • Lee Batchler (Writer)
  • Kit Harington (Actor)
  • Emily Browning (Actor)
  • Kiefer Sutherland (Actor)
  • Carrie-Anne Moss (Actor)
  • Constantin Film (Production Unit)
  • Impact Pictures (Production Unit)
(flames crackling) (hoofbeats approaching) (horses neighing) (neighing continues) (men shouting) (shouts) (man screams) (screams) (grunting) (grunts) (horse galloping away) (horses neighing) The governor wants these trade routes reopened. These rebel Celts need to be dealt with once and for all. This entire territory requires a clear and well defined message. MAN: Yes, Tribune Corvus. (villagers groaning, weeping, talking anxiously) (grunts) WOMAN: No! (overlapping chatter) Kill them. Kill them all. (sobbing) (woman screams) (blade slashing) (distant clanking) (clanking) (wind whistling) (weapons clanking) (wind whistles) (thunder rumbling) (hoofbeats approach) (grunting) Aah! (grunts) (horse neighs) (crowd jeering) MAN: Useless. You've dragged me from a perfectly adequate brothel for this? What Caesar saw in this hellhole I'll never know. These Thracians are far too costly to feed. They're always maiming the guards. (man shouts) I'm looking for something new, Bellator, something fresh. (crowd murmuring) They call him the Celt. They say his people were horsemen, that he is the last of them. (raspy breathing) (crowd cheering) (grunting) (yells) (crowd cheering) (crowd gasps) (laughter and cheering) (laboured breathing) (cheering) CROWD (chanting): Celt! Celt! Celt! Celt! Celt! Celt! Celt! Celt! Celt! Celt! Celt! Celt! Celt! Celt! Celt! Celt! Celt! Celt! Celt! Celt! Celt! Celt! Celt! Celt! Celt! Celt... Wasted out here in the provinces, wouldn't you say, master? (crowd cheering) (horses neighing) Come on! Make way! -Make way! -Off! Off the road! -Off the road! -Off! Off the road! Make way for your betters. GUARD: Off the road! Off the road! (cooing) BELLATOR: Move it, scum! GUARD 2: Clear the way now! BELLATOR: Move! (horse neighs) (snorts) (horse groaning) (groaning, huffing) The horse. BELLATOR: Back in line, slave. The horse is in pain, you ignorant pig. -(grunts) -Stop. Let him help the horse. (horse groaning) Yes, milady. (groaning continues) Easy... easy, boy. Put pressure on the top of the leg here, so he doesn't feel the pain when I move him. (huffs) (horse groans) (sudden snap) I'm sorry, milady, he is a savage. Get up. Harness another horse. Why would the brute do that? Because it was the kindest thing to do. Come. (pigeons cooing) Thank you. (men grunt, horse neighs) BELLATOR: Come on! A whole year in Rome, and I never saw you look at any man the way you looked at that slave. I can't believe he had the strength to do that. Didn't you see his muscles? That's not what I meant. Really? Oh, please. Look, there it is. We're home. (lively conversations, chickens clucking) (horse whinnies) Driver, what is it? The Vinalia, milady. The streets are blocked, drunkards everywhere. What? Come on. DRIVER: Milady? -Milady? -We'll meet you -back at the villa. -Milady! (conversing indistinctly) (laughing) (boy shouts happily) I remember every statue, every street corner. Does it make you miss Rome? Makes me forget it. (lively, indistinct conversations) Cassia! Oh, it's so good to see you! But how are you here? We weren't expecting you till after Vinalia. I couldn't bear to spend another day in Rome. Too many arrogant men who flatter you with their presence. It sounds like my baby is no longer a child. Father, are you crying? Shh. Tell no one, or I'll never haggle a decent price again. (chuckles) We missed you. Juno's tit. Is this all your luggage? What have you done, purchased the entire city of Rome? Did you meet anyone there? Nobody worth talking about in Pompeii. Well, not to worry. I think your father has informed every unmarried man in the city of your return. Oh, no, really? Now, come on, I want to hear everything about Rome. I've missed you. BELLATOR: Welcome to your new home, savages. (Bellator grunts forcefully) (dog barking) Keep walking! Stop! Unlock them. Feed these animals. (horse neighs) Vires. Oh, I missed you. -(horse sputters) -I missed you. -(whinnies) -Hello. He's pleased to see you, my lady. And I can see he's been in good hands. Thank you, Felix. And I'll have Vires ready for you first thing tomorrow. I'll exercise him myself tonight. Thank you. I'll see you tomorrow. (Vires sputters) (whinnies) Atticus. Think that's the Celt. Which Celt? "The Celt." They say that Celt is faster even than you. They always say that. (murmuring, indistinct conversations) He wants to know your name, Celt. He wants the name of the man who killed his brother. He wants to know my name? (grunting and shouting) (grunts) (grunting and shouting) Two wine rations on the big Thracian. (Thracian screams) (grunting) Two wine rations-- done. (grunting and shouting) (groans) -Explain. -He did not start it; he was trying to eat. (grunts) Bellator! Your purpose is to care for these men, is it not? Having them bite pieces from one another is of no value if no one is paying to see it. I'm sorry, Master Graecus. That one is done. This one... (man groans) ...can be repaired. (man grunts) And the next time, Bellator, it will be at your cost. I'll remember you, Celt. Open the gate! -Close it! -(gate clanks shut) You owe me two wine rations, Celt. . (deep rumbling) (crickets chirping) (hoofbeats approaching) Thirsty? Okay. (Vires neighing) What's wrong? (Vires neighing) (deep rumbling) (Vires neighing) (grunts) Vires! Vires! (screams) (weapons clanking) (grunting) (man screams) (grunts) (clang) BELLATOR: Wake up, scum! (clears throat) On your feet! (whispering indistinctly) Relax. If I was going to kill you, Celt... ...I would have done it already. What is your name? We will have to speak at some point. (sighs) No, we don't. What we have to do is kill each other at some point, so my name is my own; I have no interest in learning yours. Everyone out. Move! (wooden training weapons clacking in distance) You're getting old, Atticus. Plenty of young flesh out here just aching to take apart a champ. When I win in the arena tomorrow, I'm a free man. Roman law. And there's nothing you can do about it. Atticus, my champion, tomorrow you have the honour of closing the games. But first, let us see if I've found an opponent worthy of you. Now... who's the poor bastard who has to die for my freedom? Unlucky, Celt. Very unlucky. But I'm going to take it easy on you. Give you a fighting chance for tomorrow. (grunting) (swords clacking on shields) You may have earned your reputation, but not fighting against a gladiator like me. (grunting) (swords clacking, spectators murmuring) You made that a little too obvious. (grunting) (swords clacking) Did I make that too obvious? (grunts) (grunting) (grunting continues) (bellows, grunting) Bellator! Get away! Get out of the way! Get up, scum! Back to work! Why did you save my life? (sighs) No gladiator should die from a blade to the back. When you die, the blow will come from the front. I promise it will be tomorrow. And it will come from my hand. Well, I can make you a better promise. When the time comes, your death will be quick. And it will come from my hand. (horses neighing) (men shouting) Don't worry. Your plan is nothing short of brilliance. Only a madman would advise the emperor against investing. Then let us hope that the emperor has not sent us one. MAN (in distance): Keep up in time! Senator, do forgive us for not being able to receive you at the harbour. Severus. You're a busy man. I understand entirely. Besides, if I had a wife as beautiful as yours, I'd be in no hurry to forsake her company. (kisses) I am Senator Quintas Attius Corvus. May the gods grace me to bless your kind hospitality. You're most welcome, Senator. So, Senator, tell us the news from Rome. How does the new emperor Titus fare? The new emperor? The new emperor Titus fares well. His father Vespasian was loved by his people, and they continue that love for his son. -As the gods demand. -Indeed. Severus, I have a question for you. On my journey from the harbour, I noticed some of your townfolk turned their backs towards me. There wouldn't be some kind of problem, would there? Some local resentments against Rome? No, no, nothing of the sort. A tiny... a miniscule minority of opposition to our plans. But our new construction will provide the people with a new aqueduct, better sanitation, bigger bathhouses, a new arena, a whole new Pompeii. SEVERUS: What was all that about the new emperor? AURELIA: He's a politician. Be careful what you say to him. Do you think we can do business with him? He wouldn't be here if the emperor wasn't interested. Why would Father invite a Roman senator into our home? How could you allow such a thing? If we want Rome's rich to spend their money here, we must keep up with what they demand. "What they demand"? Does Father have any idea what's going on in Rome right now? Since Titus took power, everything has changed. Every crooked man now has the ear of the emperor, and they assume that they can take whatever they want. Cassia... why did you come home early? What happened in Rome? I'd simply had my fill of it. (horse approaching) Mother, is that Vires? (Vires whinnies anxiously, people shout) MAN: Whoa, whoa, easy, easy! (whinnying continues) Vires, what are you doing out here? (Vires huffing, whinnying) Where's Felix? (men shouting, weapons clacking) I heard tomorrow is your last fight. ATTICUS: That's right. After I kill you, they will give me my freedom. They won't do it. Not while your arm is still strong. Freedom is Rome's promise. You trust them to keep that promise? I trust their law. There's only one freedom for a gladiator. When you die in that arena, you die unconquered, and you spit in the eye of Rome. Then this... is your future. And you die a slave. But not me. Tomorrow, Rome will make good on its promise. You, unfortunately, will not be alive to see that I am right. You're so sure. Today you showed me your weaknesses. Your left arm is weaker than your right. So you protect your ribs at the expense of your neck. And you should learn how to thrust when you're shifting your weight and stop favouring a high guard. It would make you less... predictable. (chuckles) (gate creaking) GRAECUS: This one. That one. Mmm... These two. On your feet, slaves. (door clanking open) (lively, indistinct chatter) (horse whinnying) But it's hard to let it go. . All right, so, this is Tim. 34-year-old male. RTC. Multi-vehicle... VOICES OVERLAP I think about the car crash a lot. I know he caused it and I reacted the best way possible. But it's hard to let it go. SOMBRE MUSIC When I asked what had happened to him, the doctors said he really wore the impact ` any more and things would've been much worse. They said he was lucky ` lucky I wasn't going any faster. Thank you. SOMBRE MUSIC CONTINUES It's OK. MUSIC CONTINUES It's OK. Or you work from home, so drive mostly on the weekend. You might only drive short distances to work each day. You might not drive your car to work at all. You might park securely at work. Or these days, everybody travels to you. Maybe you only do school runs. Or you work from home, so drive mostly on the weekend. At Youi, we get that everyone's not the same, so we tailor your insurance premium to how you use or don't use your car. Call: Or go to youi.co.nz today. . (festive music playing, people laughing and talking) All right. You, here. You, barbarian, here. Both excellent fighters. One a champion and the other... tried and proven in the provinces. I want to see him from behind. Why so serious? Not so bad for a night's work. Firm. But what of his weaponry? That is an inspection you'll have to pay for. (woman laughs) SEVERUS: And this will be the new arena, specifically designed for chariot races. Yes. Very detailed, Severus. But I don't believe that this project is really suitable for an imperial investment. These dalliances in the countryside hold very little interest for the emperor. I was led to understand... No, no. Unfortunately, the emperor's vision for the future is firmly fixed on Rome. I, however, am interested in investing. (lively music playing, indistinct conversations) (sighs) Good. Have the pledges drawn up. You will have my mark on them tomorrow, after your games. I do believe a drink is in order. Of course. Shall we join our guests? Perhaps your daughter can bring it. My daughter? Look over there. The slave who can talk to horses. He is a fine specimen. Well, you can't deny it. Ah, Cassia, may I impose upon you for a moment? Your presence has been requested. Yes, of course, Father. You will need this. It is not for you. Cassia, may I introduce... Senator Corvus. Lady Cassia. My, how I have missed you. You are exquisite. Senator Corvus, I don't know what to say. For me? How kind. You two have met? Severus, you're still here. I did not know you knew my daughter. Then you should hear the whole story. Tomorrow in the arena, when I sign your pledges. Thank you. AURELIA: Marcus. The senator and Cassia have already met. In Rome. Then she requires a chaperone. She survived a year in Rome without us. I'm sure she can survive ten minutes on our balcony. In Rome, I thought we had an understanding. No, you had an understanding. One for which I gave you no cause. Your mere presence gives me cause, my lady. A beauty such as yours has no place in a holiday resort like this. Surely, a creature such as you can have no home but in the Eternal City. Senator, I have no intention of returning to Rome. And if you were to return as my wife? Your wife? You may consider it a compliment. Senator Corvus, I believe you have mistaken me for the kind of woman who drapes herself across your lap in Rome. I have no wish to become your wife. A spirited refusal. I would have expected nothing less. Enjoy the remains of the Vinalia, Senator. Good night. (deep rumbling) (birds cawing) (snorting, neighing) (deep rumbling, horses neighing) (woman screams) Is this normal? It is the mountain. It grumbles from time to time. (neighing) Bring this man. I need him. -My lady. -Now! (neighing) (men shouting) (neighing) MAN: My lady, it's Vires. (Vires thumping on door) Please, before he injures himself. I have to go in alone. No! Let him. My lady, he's a savage. -(neighing continues) -Let him. (Vires neighs, kicks against doors) (Vires neighing) (Vires neighing) (neighing) (neighing) (whispers): Easy. (neighing) (neighing) (neighing) (panting) (neighing quiets) (grunting) (Vires huffing) (Vires whinnies) (Vires huffing) (exhales) My lady, he's not safe. Move. Wait outside. How did you do that? I asked him. You could ride... before you were a gladiator? I could ride before I could walk. My people were horsemen. "Were" horsemen? My family were butchered by the Romans. I'm so sorry. (whispers): Sorry? -What would a Roman know of such things? -I am not a Roman. -I am a citizen of Pompeii. -Then why do I see Rome's eagle everywhere I turn? I am no part of that. After a year in Rome, I hoped never to see that eagle again. Yet here it is, thrust into the soil outside my home. My father believes that he can bargain with those animals. My father... ...he would have killed every last one of them. BELLATOR (in distance): My lady? If they catch you up there, they'll punish you. BELLATOR (in distance): My lady. BELLATOR: My lady, is everything all right? (panting) -(grunts) -(Vires neighs) (excited shouts) -Come back! -Come back! -Come back! What's wrong? If they catch you up here with me... I'll tell them it was my choice. SOLDIER: There they are! (soldiers shout in distance) I have to take you back. No. You go and leave me here. If you ride, you have a chance. -A chance at what? -At freedom. But at what cost to you? Tell the guards I brought you here by force. The blame is mine. Get him off that horse! (Vires neighs) It wasn't his fault. The horse bolted. It was out of control. (grunts) Senator, please, this slave saved my life. He does not deserve this. Lady Cassia, you are unharmed? I'm perfectly all right. If I were to spare the life of this slave, what would it be worth to you? Senator? I believe you understand the question, my dear. I would be grateful for your mercy. Well... this is your lucky day, slave. The Lady Cassia has saved your life. (shouts): Who owns this slave? I do, Senator. Then I suggest you punish it and then remove it. 15 lashes should suffice. After all, mercy is a virtue. . (ropes creaking) (low grunt) Father, you have to stop this. (quietly): There's nothing I can do about it. (whip strikes) You saved his life. Content yourself with that. (whip strikes) (whip strikes) (whip strikes) Senator Corvus requires a service of you. Of me? (whip strikes) This gladiator... what do you have planned for him tomorrow? GRAECUS: He fights last-- single combat against my champion. PROCULUS: No. He fights first. And he dies first. (whip strikes) (low groan) (whip strikes) 15 lashes, and he didn't make a sound. I could have prevented this. I don't know what I was thinking. That he made you feel alive. He made me feel safe. A man like that does not deserve to die in the arena. This is not your fault, Cassia. He has caught the senator's wrath. I thought... that in leaving Rome, that man would forget about me and turn his attentions towards some other poor victim. I saw a look in that man's eyes tonight, Ariadne. The same look I saw in Rome. But the senator never laid a hand on you. Only because I left Rome before he could. Now Rome has followed us back to Pompeii... to turn the world inside out. You certainly know how to prepare for a battle. I hope she was worth it. (grunting in pain) Terrible waste of good wine. (low rumbling) Can you feel that? (rumbling grows louder, clattering) (rumbling continues) (rumbling slowly subsides) (rumbling stops) It is the gods. They have a plan for us all. Perhaps. What do you mean? Tonight I saw the man who killed my whole family. Perhaps the gods spared me for a reason. ATTICUS: The Romans took my family from me 20 years ago. At night I try and remember their faces, but I cannot. But I know, one day, the gods will bring me to them again. My name is Milo. Atticus. (indistinct conversations) BELLATOR: You... that tunnel. Send the Celt into that tunnel. I thought he was to fight Atticus. You're being given new instructions. Yes, master. And... Atticus? He'll fight single combat, as billed. Put him with the big Spartan. He'll give the audience a good show. And Atticus will beat him and win his freedom. Is that really what the audience will want to see? What are you saying? Don't you think they'd rather see a gladiator meeting death rather than life? Especially a death as glorious as his. Stop. You... that way. You, too, barbarian. (horse neighs) (rumbling) (lively chatter) Senator Corvus. Lady Cassia. Come sit beside me. Give me the benefit of your wisdom. Do you enjoy the sports? Men killing each other for our amusement is not a sport. (tools clanking) Everywhere, all new. I don't have time for this, Graecus. What are you suggesting? We cancel the games? Of course not. Merely postpone them. This amphitheatre has stood for a hundred years. It withstood the great earthquake. It may not be safe. Use your eyes. I'm just saying, I cannot be held responsible for what may happen. Then don't be. I take full responsibility. How can we expect Rome to trust us to rebuild an entire city if we can't stage a simple bloody spectacle? (hoofbeats approaching) (horse sputters) Fetch my litter. We're leaving town for a few days. . (crowd cheering) Move. Stop. Shackle them. What is this? This is your greatest moment, Atticus. Your final day in the arena. I'm supposed to fight single combat. Bring them their weapons. Good fortune, Atticus. GLADIATORS: For those about to die, we salute you! (swords clank) PROCLAIMERS: By the patronage of Marcus Cassius Severus, and for the glory of Emperor Titus, remember all here the mighty victory of Senator Quintus Attius Corvus and his annihilation of the Celtic Rebellion. The Celtic Rebellion? Your great and noble victory for the Empire, Senator. Reopening the northern trade routes. The history books record it as your finest hour. I thought perhaps you might like the honour of opening these games in a similar manner. Severus... you flatter me. We'll make a Roman out of you yet. CORVUS: People of Pompeii, may Jupiter and Venus bless the Vinalia and honour these games! (crowd cheering, applauding) Let the games begin! (crowd cheering) This isn't a battle. -What? -This is a massacre. How do you know? Because I was there. PROCLAIMERS: The rebel Celts are in retreat, leaving rape and slaughter in their wake, returning to their unholy lair to feast on the flesh of their innocent victims. This is what you've trained for, scum. Now get out there! PROCLAIMERS: Quintus Attius Corvus gave them every chance to surrender. But mercy was an alien concept to these savages. (crowd cheering) And with heavy heart, Quintus Attius Corvus ordered his mighty legions, in the name of the emperor, to attack! (crowd cheering) Shields up! -(men yelling) -(Atticus grunts) Push! (crowd cheering) Is this what you call sport? No, Lady Cassia, this is not sport. This is politics. (grunting) We can't hold them! (yells) (yells) (groans) (panting) (grunts) (crowd cheering) (hoofbeats) (crowd cheering) CORVUS: Severus, this is not exactly how I remember it. (screams) What exactly is that slave to you? Everything that you are not, Senator. Then you should be pleased to learn your father has granted me your hand in marriage. What?! I made no such arrangement. Because he knows that if he does not, I will inform Titus that your father has called in question our new emperor's ability to rule. Titus will have your entire family hung from the city walls. Milo! (crowd cheering) (crowd cheering) (crowd cheering) (screams) (horse neighs) (crowd groaning) (yelling) (crowd cheering) If I were to marry you... Cassia. If I marry you... is my family spared? (crowd cheering) (crowd clapping rhythmically) (crowd cheering) (crowd groans) (crowd cheering) Your family will become my family, under the protection of the emperor. With all of the benefits that implies. CROWD (chanting): Pompeii! Pompeii! Pompeii! Senator. I do not yield to the power of Rome! -I spit on it! -(chanting continues) He would not dare. (chanting): Pompeii! Pompeii! (crowd cheering) (crowd groaning, jeering) Get a detachment in the arena now. Now! You were right, brother. Everything they promised, nothing but lies. CROWD (chanting): Live! Live! Live! Live! Live! (chanting continues) (crowd cheering) What do you think you're doing? Madam, take your seat. If you want to live, you will sit down! Now! If you kill him now, on the tip of a hundred Roman arrows, you make him a martyr to the mob. Is that what you want? To take home to your emperor a revolution? And if you reverse this decision, how will it be spoken of in Rome? They will whisper it behind your back that you have a wife who does not obey your will. Can your reputation bear such a weakness? I may become your wife, but you will never break me. But I will break you. And you will stay broken, to stand, sit or crawl as I decree. Do you understand me? Proculus, have your guard take her back to the villa. Keep her there. I think the wedding shall be in Rome. -(loud rumbling) -(panicked shouts, gasps) -(loud rumbling continues) -(screaming, shouting) People of Pompeii! People of Pompeii! Vulcan speaks! (rumbling fades) Vulcan decrees that man to be the champion of Pompeii! Decrees that he is worthy to stand face-to-face against the might of Rome! (rumbling increases) Great Vulcan, we hear you speak and will obey! (rumbling slowly subsiding) (rumbling stops) Proculus. Show these cowards what really happens when you dare to challenge the might of Rome. With pleasure. . GRAECUS: Come on! Come on! Faster! Move it! (geese honking) What's going on? -My lady... -Don't touch her! ARIADNE: Let her go! Cassia! -(door creaks) -(guard grunts) -(Cassia grunts) -(guard laughs) PROCLAIMERS: By the patronage of Senator Quintas Attius Corvus, the champion of Rome, Marcus Proculus, -(crowd cheering) -hero of the Celtic Rebellion, will now face the new champion of Pompeii, the Celt, in single combat. (crowd chatter, whooping) PROCULUS: All hail to Emperor Titus. (crowd murmuring) (crowd cheering, whooping) I know you. Really? Well, whatever revenge you think you're going to have, I'm afraid you'll be disappointed. -(crowd cheering, shouting) -(grunting) (grunts) (sword strikes shield) (crowd gasps, shouts) (crowd quieting) (panting) (crowd murmuring) Bring this slave a better sword. VARIOUS CROWD MEMBERS: Oh! (crowd chatter, whistling) This blade's dull. Is it? Let's give them a good show, huh? (crowd cheering) (cheering, shouting) (Proculus shouts) (deep rumbling, rattling) -(rumbling continues) -(crowd gasps, shouts) (indistinct shouts in distance) -(rumbling continues) -(panicked screams) Kill him! Kill him now! (loud rumbling) (explosion, hissing, whooshing) (low, distorted rumbling) (explosions, rumbling) (hissing, whooshing) (panicked shouts) (rumbling continues) (crowd screaming, shouting) (grunting) (deep creaking, screaming) (creaking continues) CORVUS: No! -(rumbling continues) -(panicked shouts) (Milo yells) (men shouting) (grunts) (Proculus yells) (groans) You're brave, I'll give you that. But no savage can ever be the match for a Roman. (rumbling, panicked shouting continues) How about 20 of us? BELLATOR: No! Wait! Wait! Wait! -No! Mercy! No! No...! -(blows thudding) Good to see you, brother. And you. (groans) Aurelia... (panting) (gasps) (weakly): Kill him. (firmly): Kill him. (Severus groans) (strained grunting) -(grunts) -AURELIA: No. Upon further consideration, I have decided not to invest in your little city. -(Severus gasps) -(Aurelia cries out) (grunting) Get me to the harbour. AURELIA: No... (Aurelia sobs, gasps) (weakly): I'm sorry. (grunting weakly) (indistinct shouts, panicked chatter) Move it! (yells, grunts) (panicked chatter continues) You! Come here! For my passage. Let him aboard. You must leave now. (explosion, rumbling) SHIP'S CAPTAIN: Cast off! Prepare to set sail! (rumbling, explosions in distance) (woman gasps in distance) AURELIA (weakly): Help me... please. -(Aurelia groans) -(wind whistling) You. You have to help us. You have to save Cassia. Where is she? The villa. (rumbling, explosions in distance) (explosions, whooshing) (panicked shouts) (screaming, crying) (impacts thundering) (panicked shouts, screams continue) -Where are you going? -I have to find her. Find her? This is madness! We have to get to the harbour and find a boat! The mountain is going to kill us all! She risked her life for me, Atticus. Risked everything for me! Without her, they would have killed us in that arena. Then we will go together. No! You have your freedom, my friend. Now, she is mine. Then we meet at the harbour. -(explosions) -(screaming) At the harbour. Wait! Give me the keys! -(grunts) -(horse neighs) (neighs) Cassia. They've taken the keys. (cracking, debris clattering) (deep creaking) (gasps) (yells) 1 (coughing) (coughs) (coughs, gasps weakly) (coughs) Where is she? (thudding) -(crashing, clattering) -(Cassia gasps) -(coughing) -MILO: Water. (gasping, coughing) (gasping rapidly) You came back for me. (gasping deeply) Drink, drink. Thank you, sister. (gasps) (gasping, coughing) (gasping) (deep rumbling) No! (screaming) No! (Cassia gasping, sobbing) Look at me. We have to get to the harbour. (rumbling, clattering continue) (panicked shouting) This is suicide. Turn around! Back! Out of the way! Get out of the way! (flames crackling) (explosion thunders) Enough! Kill them! Kill them all! (people screaming) (grunts) Row, you idiots! Row! (groans) (steam hissing) (wood creaking, groaning) (panicked shouting, screaming) (people screaming) (explosions thundering) (rumbling, whooshing) -(deep creaking) -(man yelling) (yelling, grunting) (yelling, gasping) Turn around! You have to turn back! (people screaming) (screaming continues) -MAN: No! -WOMAN: Get up! Get up! Get up! No! No! My daughter! Get off! No! My daughter! (screams) GIRL: Mummy! (grunting) Come on. (screaming) (panicked shouts continue) -(rumbling subsides) -(girl whimpers) (panicked shouts continue in distance) (pounding on door, grunting) (debris clattering) (pants) Is this the end of the world? (clattering continues) Why would the gods let this happen? (debris continues clattering) (clattering subsiding) (clattering stops) (thunder rumbling, crashing) (neighing) (people shrieking, wailing) (woman screams) -Milo! -Atticus! I knew the gods would never catch you. There's none faster. Now I see why. -It's time to go, my friend. -No. The harbour's gone. We have to find another way. Then we have to go south, into the hills. It's too far. We'll never make it on foot. Then we go there. ATTICUS: The arena? Why? Horses. (fireballs whooshing) (impacts thundering) . CASSIA: My parents. I'll get the horses. Don't. Go help your friend. (running steps in distance) MILO (whispers): Atticus? Romans everywhere. Let's go. (grunting) You better get comfortable, my dear. It's a long way to Rome. -Why are you doing this? -Because the property of Quintas Attius Corvus will not be taken by some slave. Proculus, there's not enough room for you. Then I shall see you in Rome, Senator. Corvus! 1,000 denarii to the man who brings me the head of that slave! Hyah! Hyah! (grunting) (grunting) This is mine now. Go. -Atticus... -Every second takes her further away from you. I'll see you again, brother. (rumbling, whooshing) CORVUS: Hyah! Hyah! Hyah! Hyah! (explosions thundering in distance) (grunting) (strained grunt) Hyah! Hyah! (grunts) Hyah! (yelling, grunting) (grunting) (spits) -(horses neighing) -Hyah! Hyah! (grunts, yells) (grunting) (yells in pain) (Atticus gasping) (grunts) (yells) -(Atticus gasps) -A barbarian does not die... -(blade rips) -the equal of a Roman. (grunting) (yells, gasps) (Atticus gasping weakly) Let's see if a Roman... (grunts) ...can die the equal of a gladiator. (grunts) (grunting) Please. Please. Gladiators... do... not... beg. (grunts) (gasping weakly) Hyah! (impacts thundering) (grunts) (yells) (grunts) (Corvus grunts) (groans) (gasping) (groans) (gasping softly) (grunts) (grunting) (Corvus yells) (grunts) (grunts) (yells) (whooshing) (wind whistling) (yells) (panting) (grunts) (grunts) Bitch! You bitch! (grunts, groans) Wait. Wait! Wait! Who are you to do this to me? I am Senator Quintas Attius Corvus! And what is that worth... Senator Quintas Attius Corvus? (rumbling, explosions) You killed my family. You slaughtered my people, and, make no mistake, my gods are coming for you. (whooshing, rumbling) Wait! CORVUS: You can't leave me here! (grunts, coughs) (whooshing) (rasping breaths) (screaming) (screaming fades) (whooshing in distance) For those of us about to die... ...we salute you! I die a free man! (impacts thundering distantly, muted) (explosions thundering) -(neighing) -(Cassia grunts) (horse neighing) (horse neighs) You have to ride him out of here. -No! -He's not fast enough. He can't carry us both. -Go! -No, I won't leave you! We don't have a choice. Run! Go! (neighs) I don't want to spend our last moments running. Don't look. Look at me. Just me.
  • Feature films--Canada
  • Pompeii (Extinct city)--Drama
  • Vesuvius (Italy)--Eruption, 79--Drama