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A substance, designed to help the brain repair itself, gives rise to a super-intelligent chimp who leads an ape uprising.

Primary Title
  • Rise of the Planet of the Apes
Date Broadcast
  • Tuesday 31 January 2017
Release Year
  • 2011
Start Time
  • 20 : 10
Finish Time
  • 22 : 15
  • 125:00
  • TV3
  • MediaWorks Television
Programme Description
  • A substance, designed to help the brain repair itself, gives rise to a super-intelligent chimp who leads an ape uprising.
  • M
Owning Collection
  • Chapman Archive
Broadcast Platform
  • Television
  • English
Captioning Languages
  • English
Live Broadcast
  • No
Rights Statement
  • Made for the University of Auckland's educational use as permitted by the Screenrights Licensing Agreement.
  • Feature films--United States
  • Apes--Drama
  • Human beings--Drama
  • Action
  • Drama
  • Science fiction
  • Rupert Wyatt (Director)
  • Rick Jaffa (Writer)
  • Amanda Silver (Writer)
  • James Franco (Actor)
  • Andy Serkis (Actor)
  • Freida Pinto (Actor)
  • Richard Ridings (Actor)
  • Dune Entertainment (Production Unit)
  • Chernin Entertainment (Production Unit)
(BIRDS SCREECH) (MEN SHOUT IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE) OK, OK. Here you go. And let's go again. Which one is this? Number nine? Yeah, this is number nine. Bright Eyes, we call her. Are you watching this? This is unbelievable. Oh my God. Oh my God. How many moves was that? Twenty. Yeah, a perfect score is 15. Doc, what are you giving her? Hey, give me that video! Chimp number nine, just one dose. Aren't I seeing you later? We are good to go. I'm going to call you back. Yeah, alright. Thanks. Bye. The 112. It works. On just the one primate. One is all we need. Full cognitive recovery. We're ready. Look, are you sure you're not rushing this? I've been working on this for five and a half years. The data is clear. We're ready, Steven. All I need is your approval for human trials. For this, you're going to need the board's approval. There's a lot of money riding on this, Will. You only get one shot. One shot is all I need. (SIGHS) Alright. But I'll need to see all the research. You got it. And, Will... Yeah? Keep your personal emotions out of it. These people invest in results, not dreams. OK. Meet chimp nine. Here she's tasking at what is called the Lucas Tower, the object of which is to move the tower from peg to peg without placing a larger block on top of a smaller block. As expected, she was unable to complete the puzzle at all. Then we gave her what we call ALZ-112, a gene therapy that allows the brain to create its own cells in order to repair itself. In biology, this is called neurogenesis. Here at GenSys, we call it the cure to Alzheimer's. Donnie, you get her ready? She's got stage fright. Is that what it is? (HISSING) Hey! Hey! She's going to break my hand! Let go. Bright Eyes, let go! Are you alright? We're ready to move on to the next phase. Human trials. Here you go, Bright Eyes. It's your favourite fizzy soda, come on. Let's go, Donnie. We should have her downstairs already. OK? Good girl. Come on out, girl. That's right. That's for you. Around the neck, Donnie! Around the neck. Around the neck! Jesus! (SCREECHING) Donnie, do it now! Open up! Donnie! I'm going to sedate her. No, no, no, no! Door! Get the door! Bright Eyes! (ALARM SOUNDS) No, no, no, no. Go get help. Donnie! Donnie! Come on. There have been absolutely no side effects associated with 112. With one exception. For some reason, the chimps' irises exhibit flecks of green. Actually, we first noticed it in chimp nine. Hence her nickname, Bright Eyes. You'll see when we bring her in. (WOMAN SCREAMS) In theory, this therapy can be used to treat a wide range of brain disorders. It's virtually limitless. As are the potential profits, which is why we are confident that you will vote to approve human trials. (SHRIEKING) No! No! Mr Jacobs? Mr Jacobs, I am begging you. I am begging you not to do this. Look, it would cost a small fortune to run lab work-ups on all of those chimps to tell me what I already know. That they are contaminated. There are lives at stake. These are animals with personalities, with attachments. Attachments? Yeah. I run a business, not a petting zoo. Find the most cost-effective way to put those apes down. I can't do that. You're the chimp handler. Handle it. (WILL) Steven? Well, that was fun. They've taken the 112. The board have rejected your proposal. They've chosen to advance other programs. There must be something you can do. Yes, there is. I could fire you. Believe me, we talked about it. We have five years of conclusive data. Parade all the data you want. You will never convince anyone to invest another dime. (CAR LOCK CHIRPS) This drug has the potential to save lives. To bankrupt this company, more like. I swear, you know everything about the human brain except the way it works. Go back to the drawing board on the 112. Start again in molecular development. Find a way to get there before someone else does. And clean up this mess. Franklin? They carry small. She must have been pregnant when they brought her in. So that's why... She wasn't being aggressive, she was just being protective? She thought we were going to hurt her baby. I'd take him myself, but my brother-in-law works for security. He'd rat me out in a second. What, you want me to take it home? I can't take care of a monkey. He's not a monkey, he's an ape. Franklin, I... It's just for a couple days, until I find a sanctuary. That's all I need. Franklin, no. Look, this isn't my responsibility. This is company property. OK. I'm going to tell you what, Doc. Jacobs made me put down the other 12. I'm done. Be my guest. (CLAIRE DE LUNE PLAYING ON PIANO) Hey. Hi. Oh, you look beat. Yeah. How is he doing? Well, he has good days and bad days. Today, not so good. Although he has been quoting Shakespeare. (CHIMP SQUEAKING) Oh, you got a pet. Just a temporary house guest. Oh. Well, it might be good for him. Yeah. Goodnight. Hey, Dad. Dad? Will! Hi. I didn't hear you come in. Today is the day, right? You thought I'd forget. You have a big test today, right? Chemistry? Hey, Dad, do you want to see something? What? (GASPS) What is that? Is he injured? No, I think that's a birthmark. "But as for Caesar, kneel down, kneel down and wonder." Yeah, don't get too attached. He is a cute little guy, isn't he? (FAINT SCREECHING) (CHIMP COUGHS) Where's my car keys? My car keys! Where'd you put them? Dad. You don't drive any more. I know that. Here, why don't you feed him? Can you do that? Of course I can. Will, look at this. How old is he? Like, a day old? Two days old? Yeah. Well, he is a smart one, isn't he? What are you going to name him? I don't know. 'Right away, Caesar displayed signs of heightened intelligence. So I kept him and brought my work home. 'By 18 months, Caesar was signing up to 24 words. 'By age two, Caesar was completing puzzles and models designed for children eight years and up.' (PEOPLE CHATTERING) 'At age three, Caesar continues to show cognitive skills that far exceed that of a human counterpart.' Home. Home. He completed the Lucas Tower in 15 moves, a perfect score. I maintain my hypothesis that, A, the green in his eyes indicates that the 112 was passed genetically from mother to son and, B, that in the absence of damaged cells that need replacing, the drug in his system has radically boosted healthy brain functioning. And he plays chess pretty well. (CHARLES) It's my lamp! And my room! (ARGUING) Dad? I don't need you here. I'm sorry. I can't do this any more. He belongs in a home. This is no way for him to live. Yeah, no way to live. No way to live. Now, it's my lamp. I'm always... (It'll make you better, Dad.) (CAESAR HOOTS SOFTLY) Shh! (LIVELY PIANO MUSIC PLAYING) Dad? Dad? (NEIGHBOUR) Todd! Come inside for breakfast! I'll need to keep track of what I take from the lab. Though, I don't foresee you needing more than one treatment a month. Something amazing has happened. I'll need a blood test and a scan and the dosage. You'll have to be carefully monitored. Will... Now if I can sneak some... Will! I'm not sick any more. It was nothing, Dad. Caesar. Where's Caesar? I want to see him. Caesar? Caesar! Alright, he can't have gone far. Caesar! Daddy? Daddy! Caesar! (CAESAR SCREECHING) (NEIGHBOUR) Get out of here! Get out! Get out! Get out of here! Hey, hey, hey! Enough! Enough! The hell is the matter with you? If I see that animal anywhere near my house or my kids again - He's not dangerous. It won't happen again. Damn right, it won't. Come on, Dad. He just wanted to play. Stay in the house. Daddy's got it. I told you not to go out without us. Oh, God. It's OK. How bad is it? I don't know. (CHIMPS SCREECHING) He likes you. Mmm-hmm. Don't worry. It'll be over soon, and we can go get a treat. I'm thinking ice cream. (GRUNTS EXCITEDLY) Good idea. You taught him to sign? Just a handful of things. Basic stuff. What's he saying? Nothing. So, when do you think we should come back? You won't need to come back, because the stitches are dissolvable. I would just say watch out for signs of infection. Fever, redness. OK. What's he saying now? Well, he thinks that you and I should have dinner together. (CHUCKLES) I don't... Hey, Caesar. Come on. Good to see you again, Caroline. You coming, Caesar? So, what's your secret? I can't take any credit. It's in his genes. I think you're being very modest. He's pretty amazing. I think you've built a pretty good home for Caesar here. But? (CAESAR GRUNTS) He won't stay this way for long. He's gonna soon grow into a large, powerful animal. Come here. How's he been doing? OK. I think. I love chimpanzees. I'm also afraid of them. And it's appropriate to be afraid of them. Caesar would never hurt anyone. Hey! Hey! He's happy here. Come on. Yeah, I can see that. Can we at least give him some open space? Yeah. That probably would be a good idea. I know a place right across the bridge. The redwoods. It's paradise. (CHATTERING) Come on. Come on. Come here. He doesn't need a leash. He'll be fine. Come on. Just to be safe. Come on. Come on, Caesar. This is the redwoods. Caesar? Alright. If I take this off, you cannot leave my sight. I would never find you again. OK. What is this? What's he doing? I don't believe that. What? He's asking your permission. It's a supplicating gesture. It's OK. Come on, Caesar. Off you go! (CHATTERS EXCITEDLY) (CHUCKLES) Look at him go. Caesar! Caesar! Caesar! Caesar! Caesar! There you are. (CHARLES) Caesar? Go on, Caesar. Climb! Go higher! Climb! Just be careful. (BOTH CHUCKLE) Hi. What's going on, buddy? You get some love, too. Come on, honey. Is that a chimpanzee? Hi. (GROWLING / BARKING) Come on! Come on. (ROARS) (DOG WHIMPERS) Caesar? Caesar. Come on. It's alright. Come on. Alright, come on. Let's go. You getting in? Caesar? You OK, pal? Are you a pet? No. You're not a pet. I'm your father. What is Caesar? OK. Caesar, this is where I work. This is where you were born. Your mother was here with other chimpanzees. But she's not here any more. So that's why I took you home to live with me. Yeah. Your mother is dead. The thing is she was given medicine. Like the medicine I give to Charles. She passed it on to you. That's why you're so smart. Let's take him home. Come on, explain it to me. Alright. I snuck him out of the lab to save his life. I had no idea the effects had been transferred vertically from his mother. But since then he's been displaying incredible signs of intelligence. I designed the 112 for repair, but Caesar has gone way beyond that. Here's his IQ from last year. Since then, it's doubled. This is wrong, Will. My father was gone. This drug brought him back. You never saw how bad he was. He has his life again. And what about Caesar? What about him? Where does he fit in? With me. With us. Listen, I know it's been hard for you, but you're trying to control things that are not meant to be controlled. The 112 works. Do you realise how you sound? All I'm saying is this is a good thing. Caesar is proof of that. So is my father. Caesar, eat your food. Dad, are you OK? Yeah, I'm fine. 'Anti-bodies.' His system has found a way to fight the 112 virus so that it can't deliver its therapy. 'My father's disease is going to return with a vengeance.' Stop! You stop right now! Hey! Hey! Get out of there! Get out of that car! What the hell are you doing? Get out of my car! I said get out of my car! I'm a pilot! I got to get to the airport! How am I going to get there now, huh? Answer the goddamned question! What were you doing? (STAMMERING) I have a car just - Well, it's not obviously - That's it, I'm done. The police can handle this. You stay right there! You are going nowhere, mister! You or your son are going to pay for this! This is your problem! You made the mess! (HOOTS ANGRILY) I'm sick of the two of you! You stay right there! No! No! No! Caesar! Daddy! (WHIMPERS) Caesar! It's OK. It's OK. You didn't mean it. It's OK. (SIRENS WAIL) Hey. Take that thing off of him. Will you take that thing off of him? Come on. Look. I'll take him in. OK? No, he's under court orders. You can't do that. It's fine, let him. Bring him in when you're ready. Take it off. Thank you. Caesar, Caesar, Caesar, Caesar? Caesar. (GRUNTING) Not right now. It's gonna be OK. Let's just see what it's like inside. OK? Come on, Caesar. Let's go. Come on. Trust me. It's OK. Go on. He hasn't spent any time with other chimps. We're used to that. He'll be a little skittish at first, but we'll integrate him. You'd be surprised how quick they adapt. We provide a stimulating environment. He's going to thrive here. Come on, let's do some paperwork. Oh, and make sure you lock that door when you come in. (DOOR LOCKS) (CAESAR SHRIEKS) Caesar. It's gonna be OK. Everything is gonna be OK. Don't be scared. You're gonna stay here now. No. We're not going home right now. In our experience, the longer you drag out the goodbyes, the harder it is. Can I just sign that later? You'll probably miss him more than he'll miss you. Best give him a couple of weeks to get used to the place. Will, we have to go. We have to go home. I'm coming back soon. OK? Just call ahead before you do. (MAN) Hey, over here! Hey, I can get you out! Come on. Over here. Hey. Down here. (MIMICS CHATTERING) (LAUGHS) Stupid monkey. (ALL SHRIEK) Is that all you got? Come on! It's a madhouse! It's a madhouse! Court order hasn't been filed, so it's not in the system. Once it comes through, it'll take about 90 days before you receive an appeal date. 90 days? Yes, sir, 90 days. You'll be notified by mail. Hang on. Here's what's gonna happen. You'll go back on your computer, shift things around and get me a date for my appeal this week. You got it? I can't help you. Alright, then we have a problem. Because I'm not moving until you do. 90 days, sir. Be thankful you're talking about court dates. You're lucky they didn't put that animal down. I promise to get him back soon, Dad. Dad? 'My father's immune system continues to reject the 112 virus, rendering the gene therapy obsolete.' 'His health is deteriorating, and the disease is progressing rapidly.' 'I need a more aggressive virus strain.' 'A faster delivery method.' 'Because at this rate...' I can't lose them both. I won't lose them both. Hi. Can we talk? Make it fast. I've got a meeting. In the ten years you've been running GenSys, how many drugs have come down the pipeline that could save millions of lives, that could change everything? What are you talking about? The ALZ 112. (SIGHS) What happened to you, Will? You used to be the star of this lab. Now you hardly ever show, and when you do, you waste your time and team's fixating on a drug that, after what happened, is never, ever going to get approved. The 112 is dangerous, Will, and it doesn't work. I treated my father with it. It does work. You did what? You did what? He beat the disease. Like we predicted. Bring him in. There's been a complication. Well, does it work or doesn't it? My father's disease eventually outran the cure. For goodness sake. His immune system produced antibodies that beat the viral component, but it will work. I've already developed a virus strain that I think will be more aggressive. You think? Just let me test it. You're wasting my time. There's more. The applications go beyond the disease. There are indications that show that therapy can improve cognitive functioning, memory quality... What are you saying? My father didn't just recover. He improved. You mean increased intelligence? It's not conclusive, but yes. I want you to start testing the revised 112 on chimps ASAP. OK. I'll give you whatever you need. Absolutely. Dinner time! (APES CLAMOUR) Mmm. Grade A primate chow. Go on. Don't you know food when you see it? You think that's funny, huh? (SNIGGERS) I'll show you something funny. (SQUEALS) He'll learn who's boss soon enough. What about his clothes? What about them? I don't know. It might cause problems with the other apes. (SCOFFS) Good. (FRANKLIN) I've counted 10 apes. Correct? Yep. Good. All the way to the back. OK. You guys are moving really quick on this. What's the big rush? First day back, and you're still complaining. Koba. Hi, I'm Will. OK. This one. He's very calm. Yeah, this guy has seen the inside of a whole lot of labs. He knows the drill. (KNOCKING ON WINDOW) Thought I'd join you. Watch our progress. Get him prepped. (LAB ASSISTANT) Tighten your masks. (WILL) Pass me the 113. (FRANKLIN) Pulse ox is good, blood pressure steady. Aerosol delivery in place. Releasing the 113. (HEAVY BREATHING) (ALL SHOUTING) Franklin, get your mask on! Got it? Yeah. You OK? Yeah, OK. Move it! Let's go! Get up and exercise, you lazy baboons! (SNIFFS) (ROARS) (CHATTERING) (HOOTING) (ALL CLAMOUR) (KOBA BREATHES DEEPLY) (WILL) 'Intelligence results are remarkable. No adverse effects.' Apes have amazingly strong immune systems. Yeah. Alright, keep an eye on it. OK. (SNEEZES) Sorry about that. These guys are more resilient than I am. Excuse me a sec. (GUN CLICKS / THUDDING) He's good. I want you working late tonight. GenSys needs three more of them. (CLATTERING) Hey. Hey. Hey! (LAUGHS) Hey. Hey, Caesar. Hi. Are you hurt? Are you hurt? Show me. Caesar. Give me your hand. Give me your hand. It's OK. Sometimes the new kid on the block gets picked on. Don't worry. God, what have they done to you? That's bullshit. What the hell did you do? Let go, man. Hey! What's the problem here? I'm taking him out of here. Right now. Not without a court order, you're not. He's not yours any more. I promise, if I find out he's been mistreated in any way, I'll have this place shut down. Go on. No. No, we're not going home right now. But I'm going to get you out of here. I promise. You have to trust me. Caesar, you have to trust me. OK? I think this visit is over. Trust me. It'll be OK. (CHATTERS ANGRILY) (CAGE DOORS BUZZ) Come on! Move it! Let's go! (ROARING) (CAGE DOORS BUZZ) (WOMAN) Wow! There's hundreds of them. It's like your own private zoo. (MAN) More like a prison for hairy dudes. (ALL LAUGHING) (WOMAN) They watch TV? We call it enrichment. This one's so cute! What's his name? The name is Cornelia. It's a she. (SHRIEKS) Oh my God! Don't get too close. This one scared me half to death. Yeah. That big guy's called Maurice. No fun. Here, I'll show you something fun. Check this out. (BOTH SCREAM) You shouldn't be in here. Hey, you're next! Come on, let's go. I spend too much time in here as it is. Check out this guy. Hey, that one is a pain in the ass. Thinks he's special or something. Freaky. Hey, come here. It's like he's thinking or something... Oh my God! He's got his throat! Let him go! Let go! Are you OK? I'm OK. I told you not to get too close, man. Come on, guys. Let's get out of here. (GROWLING) (ROARING) Hey. Some things aren't meant to be changed. You need to accept that. Hey! Hey! What's going on here? More 113 trials. We're just prepping - No, we have to analyze Koba's blood work first. Franklin knows this. Where is he? He's been out sick for two days. Well, I didn't authorise this. (STEVEN) No. I did. We agreed to test sparingly on one subject. And that one subject is stunning. It's a virus, we don't know the human-related effects. The drug works, Will. Tell him, Linda. For starters, Koba scored a perfect 15 on the Lucas Tower. Every test result verifies its effectiveness. No more tests. What are you... Not until we have an understanding of what we're dealing with. Look. Just give us a minute. Excuse me, put the ape back in the cage. Be gentle. Will, I'll tell you exactly what we're dealing with here. We're dealing with a drug that is worth more than everything else we are developing combined. You make history, I make money. Wasn't that our arrangement? No, there are risks. Don't talk to me about risks. You gave your own father an experimental drug. I could finish your career with one phone call. I'll save you the trouble. I quit. We will proceed without you. Look, you don't know what you're doing. These tests need to be contained. You have no idea if it's stable, what damage it can do to people. Yes. Well, that is why we test it on chimps. Isn't it? (KNOCKING) Dr Rodman, it's me, Franklin! I need to talk to you! Can you come to the door? (COUGHING) Doc? Who the hell are you? (SNEEZES) (COUGHS) Get out of here! I'm sorry. I'm sorry. You wouldn't be trying to entrap me, would you? Well, I can't say I approve. They're not people, you know. You gonna let him go or not? Caesar? Hey, come on. Come on, we're going home. Home. Come on, we're really going. Let's get out of here. Yeah. Come on. Caesar? I guess he likes it better here with his own kind. (HOOTS) (APES CHATTERING) (APES CHATTERING) (CAGE DOORS BUZZ) Damn it, Rodney! You leave the hose out in the atrium again? (RODNEY) What? No! (CHATTER ON TV) (ALARM BLARES) (CAGE DOORS BUZZ) Come on! Let's go! Come on, get up! (TV) "Eight months after its launch, Earth's first manned space flight to Mars..." (RODNEY) I swear, Dodge, I'm telling the truth. If you didn't take my cookies, who the hell did? I don't know. Hey! Will you morons knock it off? I'm going home. I get more peace in the goddamn ape house. Dad, I'm sorry. Well done, Rodney. I swear... (APES GRUNTING) (GRUNTING) (APES GRUNT IN REPLY) (GRUNTS) (KNOCK ON DOOR) Mr Franklin? It's Dottie. (INDISTINCT CHATTER ON TV) Mr Franklin? Hello? (GASPS) What the hell? (TV) "God said, 'Let the waters bring forth moving creatures...'" (DODGE) "Rodney, get to the platform now." Rodney! What the hell do you think you're doing, huh? Get! Go on. Get back in your cage. I'm warning you. Go on, get! That's it. See? That's what you get! Now get back! What's wrong with you? Dumb monkey! (APES CLAMOUR) Take your stinking paw off me, you damn dirty ape! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! I'm gonna skin each and every one of you! (PANTING) (APES SHRIEK) (GRUNTS) Caroline, have you been up to Caesar's room? (PHONE RINGS) No one's answering. (WILL) Landon? Will? Will! What happened? He spoke. What do you... What? Your ape. He spoke. (APES CHATTER) (COP) What in the hell? I don't believe this. (DODGE) "I'm gonna skin each and every one of you!" I need someone to coordinate with the SFPD. Tell them we got a fatality. What is it? I know where he's headed. (PEOPLE EXCLAIM) Len? (APES SHRIEK) (CAR LOCK CHIRPS) (PHONE RINGS) Jacobs. "Mr Jacobs, it's Linda from Will's team." "Something horrible has happened. Franklin is dead, from a viral infection." The hell are you talking about? "He was exposed to the 113." "It does something to people that it doesn't do to apes." (WILL) He'll have to go through the city and across the bridge. "Mr Jacobs? Mr Jacobs, are you..." What the hell? (YELLS) Steven Jacobs! This is my facility. We've had a breach. We need to get up in the air and track them down and destroy them! OK? (INDISTINCT SHOUTING) (CHATTER) (GUIDE) You guys might want to get your cameras ready. Normally these guys are quite shy. (ALL SCREAM) They just tore through a park on the north side. They're being led! Got to hold the button! What? The button! They're being led! These apes are smarter than you think! We've got to kill the leader! (SHRIEKING) (PEOPLE SHOUTING) (ROARS) But it's hard to let it go. All right, so, this is Tim. 34-year-old male. RTC. Multi-vehicle... VOICES OVERLAP I think about the car crash a lot. I know he caused it and I reacted the best way possible. But it's hard to let it go. SOMBRE MUSIC When I asked what had happened to him, the doctors said he really wore the impact ` any more and things would've been much worse. They said he was lucky ` lucky I wasn't going any faster. Thank you. SOMBRE MUSIC CONTINUES It's OK. MUSIC CONTINUES (HORNS HONKING) No, you do not tell them I am stuck in traffic. You make up something smarter! Hold on. (PEOPLE SCREAMING) What the... They're on the bridge. They're trying to get to the redwoods. SFPD Police One, this is Air Ops. Seal off the south end. What's the status of the mounted units? (OFFICER) "Good to go, sir." As soon as they reach you, push north! "North side, we're going to push them right to you." No problem, we're ready for them. North side is locked. They'll never get through here. As soon as they hit the gap, we'll take them out! You're going to shoot them? Like shooting fish in a barrel. Good. Turn that thing around. Keep moving. Get off this bridge, sir. No, you don't understand. You don't understand! This is an evacuation. Get out! All civilians clear. Please confirm. Get these people off the bridge! Wait! (CLAMOURING) Stand by to send in mounted units. They're gonna slaughter them. I'm going to get Caesar. Hey. Hey, hey. Listen. You be careful. Get down from there. I have to get to my car! Let go of me! It's important! Hey! (OFFICER) Push them north! Get out of the way! (ROARS) No! (ROARS) (STEVEN) Quick or you'll lose them in the fog! Do it! (SCREAMING) (SHRIEKS) Where are they? I can't see them. CHP North, do you have a visual? No, sir. Negative. (APES GRUNTING) Safeties off! Hold your fire! Hold your fire! (HORSE WHINNIES) (ROARS) (EXCLAIMS) (OFFICER) Get back! Get back! Everybody, pull back! (MAN YELLS) (ROARS) Caesar! (HELICOPTER APPROACHES) That's him. That's the leader. (ROARS) (GROANING) (STEVEN) Help me. Help me. Take my hand. Come on. Come on. (YELLS) Come on. Come on. Not you. No! No! Stupid monkey! (GRUNTS) Caesar! Caesar? (SNARLS) (GRUNTS) Caesar. I'm sorry. This is my fault. This has to stop. This isn't the way. You know what they're capable of. Please come home. If you come home, I'll protect you. Caesar is home. OK. Caesar is home. Go. (EXHALES) (POIGNANT MUSIC) (RISING DRUM MUSIC) (SWELLING MUSIC) (MUSIC CONTINUES) (DRAMATIC MUSIC) (DRAMATIC RISING MUSIC) (GRAND MUSIC) (MUSIC CRESCENDOES) (DRAMATIC STRING MUSIC) IMS Subtitles www.able.co.nz Captions were made possible with funding from NZ On Air. Able 2017 (RADIO) "An unknown group have caused a major disturbance here in the Bay Area, "including the City Zoo and the Golden Gate Bridge, "causing widespread damage and some reported injuries. "Eyewitnesses have also reported seeing apes running through the city." (TENSE MUSIC) (INDISTINCT CHATTERING) (TENSE MUSIC) (FRANTIC, URGENT MUSIC)
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